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Dear fellow leadership blog fans. I am soon ready to start my semi-automatic-update routine to create a top 100 list that will change each month. If you grabbed a badge from the 2013 list with the ranking on them, they will change too automatically. I have managed to create the script, but still there need to be manual labor to update the list as some data needs to be collected manually.

Promoting the Unknown.

I have decided what will be all about. I want to promote the blogs that are on the “wrong” end of the ranking in order to help people discover new great blogs. To do this, I might also create a “bottom up” ranking.

You have probably noticed that I track the number of out-clicks as well. I do this in order to create a list of the “top 5” with the least number of clicks to always promote the blogs that you forget to visit while you are here. This can probably help unknown and new bloggers to grow an audience. As you probably have figured out already, the top 10 on the top 100 blogs will get plenty of visitors anyway.

I think I also want to create a “blog of the week” that will stay for a full seven days, just like the “blog of the day” to the right. But to become the “blog of the week” you must be rated below the top 100 blogs.

I hope my plans will create a different kind of blog ranking. Creating a resource online where you will discover new blogs and new friends.

I will be working with to implement these changes. But since I am a single parent with a full time job, it may take some time to reach my destination. But stay with me, and you can help me promote and lift up the unknown bloggers too.

Thank you for so much wonderful feedback on the top 100 list. Stay tuned for more changes and updates soon.

- Frode

I know who will win.

I must say that reviewing 298 blogs have been a lot of fun. 41 blogs did not get approval because they have not been updated in a long time. I want this index to be alive. I want the bloggers to be motivated, engaged and productive. 257 blogs are on the other hand approved and in the competition for the top 100 leadership blogs. I must say! Wow – amazing blogs, all of them are interesting, one of my new personal favorites are not even on the top 200. This is why I encourage you to browse to through the contestants.

I am going to make a top 100 list soon, during the next few days. But people, I will use this site to promote blogs from the bottom up. I want this to be a page where you discover new blogs, and where bloggers find new readers.
I have created a counter for outbound links, counting how many clicks there is on the bloggers blog link. The reason I do this is that I want to create a view just like “blog of the day” – showing the blog with the fewest clicks.

Just a few more days now. :)

The cool side effect of this ranking engine

I have made sure that each blog URL are linked directly to the blog. This means that for blogs that have their blog at or or I make sure to link to those and not the The interesting part is how this has an effect on the ranking.  If you write for a major site like a newspaper or business site, you will get a lot of backlinks to your main domain, giving your blog an unwanted advantage to those that have a more personal blog. But you will benefit from writing for a popular site in the amount of twitter followers. There is also an unintended benefit to have your own domain versus having a or I am not sure if searchengines reward people having their own domain, or if these people are more SEO oriented. But if you have your own domain like you will return more backlinks and better search engine results. Continue reading

Zero Point One Six Seven Four

The competition is very hard right now. There is less than one point separating 3-4 places all over the list. And it is very close at the bottom: With 0.1674 separating the number 100 and number 101. To get your blog on the list you need to beat this score: 61.3809 out of 110 possible points.

There is 257 blogs in the competition. It is a good achievement just to make it into the top 100 now.

Just a few more days before the top 100 leadership blogs of 2013 are ready! :)


Welcome to

This can be yours

Who will win this badge in 2013? has ambitions. Big ambitions. We want to be the best Leadership Blog Index on the Internet. Soon we will launch the top 100 leadership blogs 2013 – We will publish the top 100 in the beginning of March 2013.

The Matrix
There is nine parameters to the ranking enginge. Seven of them are automatically collecting information from Alexa, Google and Twitter to mention a few. My goal is to get enough data to determine the popularity of the blog.
Two parameters are manual. I rate my first impression based on content, readability and general impression. The second manual parameter is the design. I reward blogs that make an effort to stand out from the standard themes. I also consider clutter and order. I have made a premade definition to help me score the blogs. I will continue to develop the matrix to make sure that it gives a fair result. Oh.. and if you stop updating your blog, it will drop out of the list eventually. So these 257 blogs are fresh.

The Future rankings!
After the launch of the 2013 rankings, the ranking will become dynamic. It will be updated once pr month in the future, creating a very good continious ranking. You will be able to obtain badges that shows your rank as the rank change. With 257 blogs indexed – the quality of the top 100 will be awsome.